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Like if it's got anything to do with wild Bohemian cats and chicks, you'll probably find it here. Included here are links to pages about Hippies, the Beat Generation, the Grateful Dead and other Bohemian bands, outlaw bikers (including the Hells Angels), plus everything else Bohemian I can find, all the way back to... Diogenes and the Cynics (funny no 60's band thought of using that name, however a certain light show artist did). There's a Hip Dictionary you can use if you don't understand the meaning of some of the words and there's even a Who's Who where you can find out more on the people mentioned here. There's a new text-only index page to the entire site. We hope the new format makes things easier to find. To return to this directory from any other page (or from another part of this page), click on your browser's BACK button. 

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To reduce the clutter, I have turned the list into a nice little table:

Hippie button: Jesus wore long hair Sites about the Haight-Ashbury and the Hippies
My Haight-Ashbury ArchivesHip folder This is all the stuff I've written and collected about the Haight-Ashbury over the years. If you've got questions about the era or the people involved with it, there's a good chance you'll find the answer in here.
The Head Shop Here's where you can find the latest information on CD-ROMS, books, recordings, computer programs and other items that Hippies find groovy.
Other Haight-Ashbury Related Sites This is where you can find out what's going on in the Haight-Ashbury right now. It includes everything from the Haight-Ashbury Free Press to the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, plus maps of the area and what is located where, and it even has some historical sites and research sites in case you get stuck with writing a term paper on the subject.
Hippies in the Here and Now Like the above page, this one is about Hippies in the Here and Now, but in other places besides the Haight-Ashbury.
Ken Kesey and the Pranksters This is all the stuff on the web about Ken Kesey, the Pranksters and the Cuckoo's Nest. You can check out his web site and check out several others, download all sorts of photos of Ken, the Furthur Bus and other stuff, or you can visit the shock shop, groove on the Disturbed Ward or check out the scene in the operating room on MS, where they do the lobotomies.
The Hippie Radio Station Ken Kesey wasn't the only one who had a band of Pranksters. I had my own, and our prank was to start a Hippie radio station where it would be least appreciated Dallas, Texas. Man, you should have seen how it upset the squares, and this is the story about that.
Progressive Sites for Social Change Environmental and networking gophers, and other progressive sites.

Sites about the Rainbow Gatherings

Other Bohemian sites of various kinds

Sites about Altered States of Consciousness

Bohemians have always had in interest in altered states of consciousness. Drugs are one way to alter consciousness, but there are many other ways that don't involve the use of drugs. That's what most of these sites are about.

Sites about the Beat Generation

You know, like Kerouac, Ginsberg, Neal Cassady, Lew Welch and all their friends. Plus jazz, poetry readings, bongo playing, smoking "tea", wild drunken orgies and even homosexual beatniks carrying on in the dormitories down at Columbia University (or so the Dean thought). Ah, those were the days, although I think us Hippies managed to outdo the Beats in several ways...

...and finally, the biggest mess the Hippies ever made!

Remember when the fat lady sang and the so-called Summer of Love went belly up? Well, after drug dealers started murdering each other left and right and Hippies got tired of being hassled by the police, runaway teenagers and rubbernecking tourists, the general consensus was that the Haight-Ashbury was no longer a groovy place to hang out, so we all split, including the Grateful Dead. But that only left a little mess (actually, the park department thought it was pretty big, but they hadn't seen nothin' yet).

The Hippie scene kept growing around the country until we were over 400,000 strong. When every one of them (minus Ken Kesey and myself) shows up at a bash called Woodstock and the fat lady (actually Jimi Hendrix) sings, man, that left a mess like nobody had ever seen before, and it took them months to get it cleaned up. I think that was the last mess the Hippies ever made. The next year, we had Earth Day instead. In case you're wondering why Kesey and I didn't make the Woodstock scene, like all I can say is it was one hell of a bummer for both of us, man, and not one caused by drugs either. Actually, it was caused by the squares' reaction to drugs, but I don't want to go into that and I don't think Kesey does either. Anyone got a good GIF of this mess?

Some web sites about Woodstock

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By the way, ever click on one of these buttons only to have it cause the server to crash? I knew I had when I clicked on the one on Kesey's site. Never trust a Prankster.

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