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  Although us Hippies live in a land of color, everything was in black and white for the Beat Generation. Color television hadn't been invented yet, for one thing, and color movies were rare. The Beats may have had marijuana, but they didn't get psychedelic drugs until the very end of the 50's. One of the new things the Beats did have was hi-fi sound. The country had just graduated from that horrid, extremely low-fi Hit Parade era of the forties (remember those bummers like Sentimental Journey?) and the Beats were into Jazz, especially the kind of jazz known as bebop. The Beats used this music as a backdrop to their poetry, creating the first multimedia. This was the precursor to the Acid Tests, which took the multimedia concept to a much higher level. Anyway, here's all the Beat Generation sites. 

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This is a collection of articles about the Beats that I have found elsewhere on the net and converted into HTML format for everyone's education and enjoyment. Most of them came from gophers or were rescued off of newsgroups. I hope that by HTMLing them and running them through my spell checker, I can make them much easier to read and enjoy. Plus, you won't have to search all over cyberspace for them because I've already done the searching. The newsgroup related to all of this is alt.books.beatgeneration and you can also subscribe to the Beat Generation listserv.

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